The EMCC Foundation is dedicated to developing resources and
scholarships to assist students.

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The Eastern Maine Community College Foundation promotes, encourages and supports, financial or otherwise, all educational activities at Eastern Maine Community College.

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Creating a Legacy through gift planning is a great way to integrate your financial planning goals in a way that is as beneficial for you as it is for EMCC. Careful estate planning can preserve your wealth, lower estate and income taxes, perpetuate your values and provide for your family and loved ones while helping us to further our mission.

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Creating a named scholarship is one way you can assist EMCC students with their college costs. Scholarship funds are created for a variety of reasons, such as to honor a loved one or to benefit a specific population of students.

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Explore this site to find campus news and events, spotlights on student and alumni success, and resources. It’s the perfect opportunity to reconnect with former classmates, expand your network, and keep informed of EMCC happenings.

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Equipment Donations

Donations of Equipment and Other Personal Property

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Your donations of program equipment, technological resources and other personal property helps students to experience “real world” scenarios that support college programs and provide opportunities for students to train on the latest technology in their field.

Equipment Donations

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